India Osborne

Film & TV Producer / Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
“Danielle has not only helped me find my purpose but also equipped me with the discernment to navigate life with wisdom and clarity.”

Unleashing the Power Within: Discovering Authenticity and Healing


My first conversation with Danielle was nothing short of a powerful awakening. Feeling depleted and lost amid a difficult divorce and family health challenges, I was at a crossroads in my life. I embraced Danielle’s coaching, and we embarked on a transformative year-long journey together, culminating in a deep soul connection and a newfound sense of purpose.


From the start, Danielle’s coaching style resonated with me. She listened with her heart before her ears, creating a safe space where I felt seen and heard. Her presence was comforting, and she gently nudged me to trust my feelings and emotions fully. She encouraged me to embrace vulnerability and let my true voice shine.

Danielle’s guidance was not about fixing me; it was about empowering me to fix myself. Her support was like an embrace that allowed me to find my natural and authentic position in life. She reminded me to expand my horizons and step outside the confines of my mind, letting my heartlead the way


Through my work with Danielle, I unlocked the key to my heart, reconnecting with my true emotions and inner voice. No longer suppressing my feelings, I felt a newfound sense of self-responsibility and discernment. I learned to say no when needed, setting healthy boundaries without taking away from my ability to heal and grow.

Her coaching helped me reevaluate my career and see my potential through a lens of abundance, not lack. Danielle encouraged me to see myself as a valuable coach, offering a unique gift to the world. As a result, I am now confidently sharing my healing abilities, transforming sorrow into positive change.

Danielle’s Expertise

Danielle’s innate talent lies in her keen insight into human desires. She nurtures individual self-expression, allowing her clients to breathe freely in their own divinity. Her ability to bring desires to reality and help people find their voice is a true gift.


Danielle’s coaching has profoundly impacted my life. Through our work together, I have found my authentic voice and embraced my role as a healer. I’ve learned that healing myself also contributes to healing others and ultimately humanity. My home has become a sacred space where I invite others to heal, thanks to the transformative power of Danielle’s coaching.

She has not only helped me find my purpose but also equipped me with the discernment to navigate life with wisdom and clarity. I am forever grateful for the soul ship we share and the positive influence she has had on my journey of self-discovery and healing.

My time with Danielle has truly unleashed the power within me, allowing me to confidently and authentically share my gifts with the world.

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