Sarah Kaney

Recruiter / Angel Investor
Austin, TX
“I discovered a sense of self that extended beyond my identity as a wife and Facebook employee.”

Rediscovering My Identity Amidst Big Life Changes: Unearthing Purpose


Leaving a ten-year career at Facebook, I found myself at a crossroads. My late husband’s battle with cancer had left me feeling lost and ready for a new chapter in life.

Amidst grief and uncertainty, I met Danielle, whose coaching helped me navigate the challenges of starting afresh while uncovering my true identity. Her unique approach allowed me to explore my thoughts and feelings without judgment, leading to profound self-discovery and a renewed perspective on life.


Danielle’s coaching played a pivotal role in my healing journey. Instead of telling me what to do, she created a safe space that allowed me to process my emotions and explore my thoughts independently. Her gentle guidance and thought-provoking questions helped me see my situation from new angles, empowering me to find my own conclusions.

Amidst the chaos of relocating to Texas and grappling with grief, Danielle encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and build new connections. Through her coaching, I discovered a sense of self that extended beyond my identity as a wife and Facebook employee. With newfound curiosity, I embraced social opportunities, explored my interests, and engaged in personal growth.


Danielle’s coaching enabled me to find my way back to myself after enduring the challenging cancer journey with my husband. By focusing on self-discovery, I identified my authentic desires, allowing me to create a new identity and redefine my purpose. She helped me process my grief and understand the importance of spending time alone before entering a new relationship.

Through her guidance, I gained clarity on the type of people I wanted in my life, leading me to reassess friendships and cultivate meaningful connections. Danielle’s coaching empowered me to make bold decisions, including leaving Facebook and shedding the remnants of my past life. Her insights and wisdom supported me in building a new, exciting chapter for myself.

Danielle’s Expertise

To me, Danielle is a masterful guide who skillfully facilitates personal growth and transformation. Her ability to challenge belief systems and provide gentle support allowed me to delve into the depths of my grief and come out stronger on the other side.


Danielle’s coaching journey has been nothing short of life changing. Her guidance has not only helped me rediscover my identity and navigate grief but also empowered me to embrace the unknown and create a new life full of excitement and possibilities, including welcoming my first child into the world with my new partner.

I am forever grateful for the invaluable lessons I’ve learned under her care and guidance. Through her unique approach, Danielle has been an anchor of support, leading me towards healing and personal growth.

Her coaching is truly a beacon of light that has illuminated my path forward.

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