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Authentic Leadership Coaching with Danielle Sunberg

Coaching for Senior Leadership and Executives

We live in uncertain times, where the pace of change is rapid and high level organizations need to keep up if they want to thrive. The old era of hierarchical managers who wield decision-making power as their currency of self-worth is gone. In our new era, the gold standard for leadership is authenticity. Authentic leaders know their values and lead with integrity, inviting everyone around them to do the same. This is the key to sustained success, as it allows organizations to benefit not just from their talent’s skill sets but from a deeper dedication to grow and thrive.

Studies show that authentic leadership drives organizational success, saving U.S. organizations $550 billion annually and increasing their bottom line by over 20%. These results indicate that true future-proofing isn’t about having enough revenue to survive a recession, but knowing how to invest in leaders. Authentic leaders execute confidently on clear strategy, boost innovation, and transcend limitations. But more importantly, they create an engaged culture. When I work with leaders, there is a ripple effect across the whole organization. Colleagues feel empowered to engage at a deeper level and step up their game. Teams become more innovative, resilient, and dedicated to achieve your organization’s biggest goals.

Lead With Inspiration and Integrity

You’ve proven your expertise and it’s landed you better titles, more responsibilities, and increased stress. Despite your overwhelm, you continue to execute really well at what you do because you’ve got grit, stamina, and determination. As you continue to transition into higher levels of leadership you’d like to let your expertise shine while creating more space for ease, joy, and even more time for family and friends. You want to be a leader who models what is possible, not what is survivable.

This immersive coaching program is designed to help you connect clearly and confidently to the deepest levels of who you are so that you can leverage more of yourself in your life. Profound authenticity is the key to sustained fulfillment and the catalyst for exponential levels of success. Danielle’s coaching method is proven to pay-off with laser-sharp connection to your most important tool in life: yourself.

How You Will Grow

Increased innovation:

Expanding your awareness to discover more possibilities

Transcend limitations:
Illuminating blind spots unlocks awareness, offering new pathways forward
Transform setbacks:
Challenges become invaluable catalysts for growth and improvement.
Confident navigation:
Awareness, clarity, and trust elevates strategy and execution
Enhanced agility and resilience:
Navigate uncertainty with calm, confidence
Powerful communication:
Master the art of resolution, reframe blame, and resolve conflicts with grace and integrity.
Connection and belonging:
Cultivate a team bonded by trust and valued for their potential
Engaged employees:
Create an environment where team members feel heard, seen, and supported
Better performance:
Engaged teams feel satisfied, purposeful, and more committed to perform at their best
Benefits ripple into personal life:
Enhancing personal relationships, sleep, health, and overall well-being

Customize Your Program

Each leadership team shares a unique mission and deals with its own challenges. I tailor my program to meet your organization’s needs.
My coaching program stands apart, as there are no pre-recorded videos or cookie cutter homework. Your leaders ARE the agenda, the power, and the possibility. It is my mission to personally guide them to unleash their full potential and unlock a new level of success for your organization.
1:1 private coaching calls. Sessions are recorded and sent within 24 hours. Sometimes the biggest insights drop in when we listen to ourselves.
Unlimited coaching outside regular sessions. If there is ever a time you need more support you just need to ask.
Case Studies

What High Performers Are Saying

Working with Danielle has brought clarity to gray spaces. She saw and synthesized patterns in what I shared. I learned how to navigate “I don’t know,” and use what I know in one area of life as a bridge to understand another area more deeply.

Sam Wecker
Director, Morgan Stanley

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