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High Performance Coaching with Danielle Sunberg

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You already know how to create success. What you want now lies beyond that, and you know you must dive inward to draw it out.

There are two coaching options depending on what is right for you at this time.

Pathfinder Accelerator: 6 week program

This program is all about rapid change. You will dive deep and we will move fast. Key here is getting comfortable with discomfort. 

6 weekly calls for 60 minutes + unlimited coaching access to me in between sessions.

Pathfinder Mastery: 6 month program

This program offers an opportunity we don’t often give ourselves to slow down and be with what is right here, right now. Over 6 months, you will cultivate your essence of authentic truth and learn how to shine it like a beacon.

Bi-weekly calls for 90 minutes + unlimited coaching access to me in between sessions. Access to additional resources and tools.

Following the application, you will be invited to schedule a complimentary coaching experience with me. I offer this powerful conversation because I firmly believe that you need to experience the impact of coaching to invest fully in this work and in yourself. I ask nothing of you except to show up to the conversation open to its possibilities and ready to move forward should this be exactly what you need.

What We Do Together

1:1 private coaching calls. Sessions are recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. Sometimes the biggest insights drop in when we listen to ourselves.
Unlimited coaching outside regular sessions. If there is ever a time you need more support you just need to ask.
You talk, I listen. Together we explore all the dimensions of who you are and what you want out of life.
You share your vision, and I dare you to dream bigger than you ever have before.
I hold a space of deep compassion and awareness, and you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Underneath vulnerability is power.
Together we navigate a path to uncover, clarify, and anchor yourself in your wisdom.
We create a plan. One step at a time. You take action. Impact calls.

How You Will Grow

Radiant Aliveness:

Wake up in the morning with a vibrant connection to life, a sense of purpose, and enthusiasm to embrace the day

Authentic Living:
Tap into your wellspring of personal wisdom and anchor in deep confidence
Anchor in Purpose:
Discover your source of inspiration, align ambitious goals, and fulfill your wildest dreams
Embodied Wisdom:
Learn how to leverage your profound wisdom, turning insight into action
Clarity and Focus:
Cultivate clarity and unwavering focus, enabling you to navigate life with precision
Transform Obstacles:
Navigate life’s crossroads confidence, effortlessly transforming challenges into opportunities
Resilience and Compassion:
Transform stress and anxiety into love, compassion, and grace. This is the key to navigating life with ease and joy.

Pathfinder Coaching Application

Case Studies

What High Performers Are Saying

Working with Danielle has brought clarity to gray spaces. She saw and synthesized patterns in what I shared. I learned how to navigate “I don’t know,” and use what I know in one area of life as a bridge to understand another area more deeply.

Sam Wecker
Director, Morgan Stanley

Let’s Dive in Together

Read my insights to discover your own, plus get 3 chapters of my book Atlas of Being.